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Production & Quality

Where are the products manufactured?
Our dietary supplements are manufactured exclusively in Germany, more precisely in Bavaria. Production is carried out by a trusted, organically certified production partner for many years. We attach great importance to quality and only use the best raw materials.

Production takes place under the strictest controls and highest standards according to ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP. This ensures consistent and outstanding quality of our products. During the manufacturing process, the finished products are subjected to intensive quality control in order to meet the highest quality standards. This allows us to offer our customers nutritional supplements that are both safe and effective.

What criteria are used to select the raw materials?
With Dr. It is our principle to use only the highest quality available on the market for each of our products. This principle is at the heart of all our nutritional supplements. We strive to use only first-class raw materials and ingredients in our products to ensure that our customers always benefit from the highest quality and effectiveness. Our consistent commitment to quality is reflected in every single product and is a promise we make to our customers.

Who develops the products?
In the Dr. Selz GmbH is responsible for product development personally by Dr. med. Ulrich Selz himself carried out the work in close collaboration with a team of highly specialized experts. Our network of dietary supplement manufacturers consists of long-standing partners with proven experience in the industry. Our team of specialists includes biologists, pharmacists, chemists, biochemists and experienced laboratory assistants.

Product development is a complex process that can sometimes take more than two years. Dr. Selz personally takes over the management, supervision and monitoring of this costly process. This intensive approach allows us to ensure that every dietary supplement sold under the Dr. Selz comes onto the market, meets the highest quality standards and has optimal effectiveness. Our commitment to excellence in product development is an integral part of our mission to offer only the best to our customers.

How is marketability guaranteed?
Our products are checked by specialized lawyers for EU conformity and conformity in the sense of German food law. Expensive legal reviews are carried out for each of our products. While there are countless suppliers of nutritional supplements on the market, we differ significantly from other suppliers in this respect. We want to create maximum product safety for consumers. This process is expensive, time-consuming and not necessarily required by law. We still see it as a matter of course for consumer product safety. We want to clearly distinguish ourselves from black sheep.

How is product safety guaranteed?
Product quality and purity are very important to us. That's why we only work with partners who have all the certificates. Our products meet the following certificates: ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP. Some of our raw materials are organic.

What additives are contained in the products?
The purity of our products is important to us. That's why we avoid unwanted additives such as artificial flavors, release agents, dyes and stabilizers. Whenever possible, our products are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and made without artificial preservatives. For production reasons it may be that

Are the ingredients from certified organic farming?
Whenever possible, we use raw materials from controlled organic farming. You have to know that not all raw materials are available in organic quality or that the organic standards from abroad do not correspond to the standards in Germany. In the dietary supplement industry, “organic” often just means that certain tests have been carried out for toxins and heavy metals. Our raw material batches are checked every time for toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. Furthermore, every product batch is also tested for pollutants, heavy metals and pesticides.

What packaging material is used?
When packaging, we pay close attention to which material can be reused and is recyclable according to its type. We strive to use recycled plastics for our packaging wherever possible.
What many people don't yet know: the production of plastic is less harmful to the climate than the production of aluminum or glass.
In addition to being environmentally friendly, our packaging must also protect the products and be food-safe. That's why we mainly use PE, as it is a recyclable and food-safe material.
Of course, our packaging does not contain any phthalates, bisphenols or other problematic packaging materials.

Our goal
Your and our satisfaction! So that we can support you in your goal of optimal health maintenance and health promotion, we only supply nutritional supplements with the highest quality properties.
Dr. med. With over 13 years of practical experience and thousands of laboratory analyses, Ulrich Selz has learned what works in practice and what doesn't.

You can certainly imagine that the metabolism can get into a pathological state without the necessary building blocks. That's why we use nutritional supplements of the highest quality to bring the body back into better condition and promote its self-healing powers.

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