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Liposomal glutathione

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Dr. Selz original formula
Package contents: 250ml

Product details

Dr. Selz liposomal glutathione is a dietary supplement with glutathione, vitamin C and plant extracts.

COMPOSITION: A daily dose of 10 ml contains: Vitamin C 270 mg (875% NRV*), Glutathione 400 mg **
*Nutrient reference values ​​according to EU Regulation No. 1169/2011.
**Nutrient reference values ​​not specified according to EU regulations

INGREDIENTS: Vegan glycerol, phospholipids, sodium L-ascorbate, L-glutathione reduced, natural flavor (lemon & apple), natural sea buckthorn extract, natural rosemary extract, acidulant (citric acid)

Recommended daily dose:
Take 10 ml (approx. 2 teaspoons) once daily pure or in liquid before a meal.

Our liposomal products contain the best quality vegan glycerol. Since natural phospholipids such as sunflower or soy lecithins are used in the production of liposomes, they are biocompatible and non-toxic. Liposomes also do not trigger an immune response when administered orally, intramuscularly or intravenously.

We do not use cooking fats, colorings, artificial flavors or coating materials.
Since liposomal glutathione contains plant substances, the content can be inhomogeneous. This is not a negative quality feature, quite the opposite. Please stir or shake the bottle before taking.

NOTE: Glutathione contains sulfur. That's why the product tastes of sulfur, comparable to healing water from health fountains.

LABORATORY TESTED SAFETY: Only the best raw materials are used. Our liposomal products are manufactured by a long-standing, trusted production partner in Germany who specializes in nutritional supplements.

Strictly controlled production under the highest standards according to ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP guarantees consistent quality. The manufacturer's inspection of the finished products met the highest quality standards.

No ingredients have been exposed to high energy electromagnetic radiation or ionization.
This product does not contain any organic compounds that have been genetically modified.

How long does the opened bottle last?
Liposomal Glutathione should be consumed within 8 weeks of opening.

Must be stored at temperatures between +2 C - +21 C.

Shake/stir before use/processing
What are liposomes and why are they so effective?

Liposomes are functional lipid bilayer spheres made from high quality, GMO-free sunflower lecithins (with a phospholipid content of over 97%). They are therefore biocompatible and biodegradable. The lipid layer of our liposomes can encapsulate water-repellent (lipophilic) ingredients. The inner aqueous core can encapsulate water-loving (hydrophilic) ingredients. This makes them good transporters for delivering ingredients.

What is a liposome?
They are artificially produced phospholipid bilayer spheres. In Greek, the word "lipos" means fat and "soma" means body. Liposome" literally means "fat body".

Phospholipids form the liposomes in our dietary supplements. They consist of fatty acid chains bound to a glycerol backbone.
A phosphate group forms the head of the molecule. This group is attached to a carbon of the glycerol backbone, making the head water-soluble. Two fatty acid side chains form the lipid tail, which is also attached to the glycerol backbone. The tail is therefore water-repellent and can be used as a transporter for nutrients.

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